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Our Staff at Western RV Country

We pride ourselves on having a strong team of knowledgeable, interested and skilled individuals who share your passion for RVing.

Airdrie Staff

  • Ahmed Ali Ahmed Ali Sales Email
  • Olaf Petersen Olaf Petersen Sales Email
  • Justin Clarke Justin Clarke Sales Email
  • Shirley Westerveld Shirley Westerveld Sales Email
  • Lanette Andreas Lanette Andreas Finance Email
  • Deany McCluskey Deany McCluskey Finance Email
  • James Speir James Speir Parts Specialist Email
  • Lee Sinclair Lee Sinclair RV Technician
  • Steve Kinghorn Steve Kinghorn RV Technician

Red Deer Staff

  • Mike Bussi Mike Bussi Sales Email
  • Dave Randal Dave Randal Sales Email
  • Sonya Bryenton Sonya Bryenton Sales Email
  • Micheal Casey Micheal Casey Finance Manager Email
  • Jessie Paradoski Jessie Paradoski Reception Email
  • Amber HitchcockAmber Hitchcock Warranty
  • Carrie McKinleyCarrie McKinley Warranty
  • Kim SmithKim Smith Warranty

  • Rick Flint Rick Flint Director of
    Parts and Service
  • Nancy Coleman Nancy Coleman Accounting
  • Steve TritterSteve Tritter Parts Manager Email
  • JasonJason Service Advisor Email
  • Teresa GillisTeresa Gillis Detailer
  • Zach WaddellZach Waddell RV Technician
  • RhettRhett RV Technician
  • Chris BallChris Ball RV Technician
  • Marc MyersMarc Myers Lot Attendant

Grande Prairie Staff

  • Darren Wells Darren Wells General Sales
  • Kim Kim Jauhal Finance Email
  • Cody Smith Cody Smith Parts Email
  • Andrew Andrew Manke RV Technician
  • meghan Megan Goodheart Service Advisor Email
  • N/A Eric Doris Show Through/Lot Attendant

Leduc Staff

  • Lisa Evans Lisa Evans Accounting Manager Email
  • Nick Jomha Nick Jomha General Sales Manager Email
  • Walter Dubecki Walter Dubecki Sales Manager Email
  • Larry Petersen Larry Petersen Finance Manager Email
  • Craig Chadderton Craig Chadderton Finance Manager Email
  • Andy Noseworthy Andy Noseworthy Sales Email
  • David Cooper David Cooper Sales Email
  • Dennis Olsen Dennis Olsen Sales Email
  • Wes McBride Wes McBride Sales Email
  • Stephanie Michaud Stephanie Michaud Receptionist Email
  • Cristina Usme Cristina Usme Evening and Weekend Receptionist Email
  • Malcolm Peacock Malcolm Peacock Show Through Email
  • Dave Dyson Dave Dyson Parts and Service Manager Email
  • Devin Irwin Devin Irwin Shop Foreman
  • Bettyann Zarecki Bettyann Zarecki Service Advisor Email
  • Judy Wilhauk Judy Wilhauk Service Advisor Email
  • Ben Davies Ben Davies Parts Representative Email
  • Brittany Dixon Brittany Dixon Parts Representative Email
  • Erica Donaldson Erica Donaldson Shipping and Receiving Email
  • Brian Kartz Brian Kartz Tractor Driver
  • Bryan Evans Bryan Evans RV Technician
  • Scott Morgan Scott Morgan RV Technician
  • Steve Burgess Steve Burgess RV Technician
  • Terry Kellas Terry Kellas RV Technician
  • Tracy Dyck Tracy Dyck Interior Detailer

Okotoks Staff

      • Al Ryz Al Ryz Chief Operations Officer
      • Paul Alexander Paul Alexander General Sales Manager Email
      • Chris Jung Chris Jung Finance Manager Email
      • Bruce Fudge Bruce Fudge Service Manager Email
      • Kerri Proudfoot Kerri Proudfoot Account Supervisor Email
      • Cheryl Stephens Cheryl Stephens Parts and Service Advisor Email
      • Greg Morrison Greg Morrison Sales Consultant Email
      • Connie Shewchuk Connie Shewchuk Sales Consultant Email
      • Stan Stallman Stan Stallman Sales Consultant Email
      • Brittany Kelly Brittany Kelly Reception Email
      • Terry-Lynn McDonald Terry-Lynn McDonald Evening/ Weekend Reception Email
      • Cassandra Landymore Cassandra Landymore Service Advisor Email
      • Jerry Korchinski Jerry Korchinski RV Tech
      • Patrick Poulin Patrick Poulin RV Tech
      • Cory Toso Cory Toso RV Tech
      • Kevin Proctor Kevin Proctor RV Apprentice
      • Ray Aspinall Ray Aspinall Lot Attendant/ Tractor Driver
      • Leanne Dyck Leanne Dyck Detailer
      • Natascha Harnum Natascha Harnum Detailer

Lethbridge Staff

    • Greg Greg Lifestyle Specialist Email
    • Deryk Lawrence Deryk Lawrance Finance Manager Email
    • Gord Gord Lifestyle Specialist Email
    • Kathy Kathy Reception Email
    • Linda Linda Parts Manager Email
    • Adam Gourlie Adam Gourlie RV Apprentice

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